3 Weeks Challenge: Slovak Language - Revision A1-A2 ONLINE


3 Weeks Challenge: Slovak Language, Revision A1-A2 ONLINE

Slovak language revision during 3 weeks.
Easy online exercises.
Revision of A1-A2 levels.
New exercise for 15 minutes every day.
Exercise key will be sent to mailbox.

! Every exercise is active only for one day.
It is a challenge, every day 15 minutes with Slovak!
Some exercises are longer and some are shorter.
Online exercises do not teach new things, do not contain dictionary nor grammar explanations.
It is suitable for revision, for learners on A2 level.
Vocabulary used in exercises is easy. It is recommended to consult your dictionary and grammar
textbook when necessary. Content: all cases, verbs - present, past and future tense, imperativ, adjectives, numbers, conditional and making questions. Click register online and wait for more information!


21 lessons



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